how to clean outboard motor cooling system

I try using Salt Away, Hydrchloric acid (muriatic acid) and white vinegar. Outboard engines are great - if you look after them. 9. Flush the raw-water side of your cooling system each year as a part of your winter layup procedure. For use in industries from Marine to Food and Beverage production to the descaling and cleaning of HVAC systems. If your outboard has more than one set of cooling inlets, a flush bag should be used. Copyright © 1999-2021 Boats Group. Sometimes engine that run hot will deteriorate those. One example is the jets and passages in a carburetor, which are small, some verging on invisible. is part of the Boats Group Network. If a motor overheats from cooling system failure, quickly remove the spark plugs and pour oil into the cylinder to keep the piston rings from ceasing up in the cylinder. In this video I experiment with cleaning the cooling passages in three outboard heads using different chemicals. If the outboard’s cooling water passages are not kept clean by regular flushing (the exhaust area in this example), hot spots can form on the interior of the exhaust components, concentrating the sulfate salts’ corrosive effects. The muffs should be properly secured over the case as they tend to slide away or drop sometimes. Otherwise use a small scraper or pick to clean out the area. Summary of Contents for Mercury Outboard Motor Page 1: Outboard Care EPA Emissions Regulations All new outboards manufactured by Mercury Marine are certified to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, as conforming to the requirements of the regulations for the control of air pollution from new outboard motors. c. Remove flushing system from outboard motor. no additional water intake should be carried out as it leads to overheating. 8. The Best Stereo Amplifier Under 1000 | Review & Guide 2021, Best Night Vision Scope Under 1000 Dollars – Review & Buying Guide 2021, Best Long Range Rifle Scope Under 300 Dollars, Great Quality Pontoon Boat Slide Kits for Fun Time – Review & Buying Guide 2021, Create positive vibes with the Best Negative Ion Generator- Review 2021, King Canopy – Best Portable Garage for Snow Load. Cooling system and waterpump ills can be alleviated by replacing the pump every so often. Impellers take a set when unused and can shed vanes fast when you operate the outboard after an extended period of storage. Anbull 2 Stroke Boat Motor, 3.6 HP Boat Engine,Outboard Motor with Air Cooling System. Flushing bags are made up of heavy plastic and fully enclose around the lower end of the engine. The outboard motor … How to start an inboard boat engine out of water?, Cams Hall, Cams Hill, Fareham, Hampshire, PO16 8AB, UK. Plumb the Quick Flush Valve permanently into your engine's cooling system. In effect, it’s corrosion from the inside out. Allow the engine to run at idle for at least 5 minutes to clean the inside of the engine. First get a large heavy duty bin or drum and fill it about 2/3 full with water and added 4 gallons of vinegar. 3.9 out of 5 stars 15 ratings | 23 answered questions List Price: $689.99: Price: $640.00 + $50.00 shipping: You Save: $49.99 (7%) This fits your . Cleaning Outboard Cooling Water Passages. Marine Closed "Freshwater" Cooling systems is a bit of a misnomer as they do not actually circulate freshwater but an antifreeze/water mixture. 10. Damage caused by running the outboard motor without sufficient cooling water is not covered by the Distributor's Limited Warranty. In fresh water, this is not a problem but in saltwater, it opens the engine up to salt build up and corrosion within the outboards internal cooling passages. Prop should be removed. Touch up any damaged paint, and coat areas that may rust with Honda Corrosion Inhibitor or equivalent. And once you’ve paid a tech to drop the gearcase and look at the impeller, you might as well spend another £25 and get a new one installed. Water is critical for a boat's outboard motor to function properly. To maintain an outboard motor, flush out the engine after every use, and check to make sure the water flow exiting the motor has a strong output. Water flows through the motor’s cooling system using a water pump and circulates throughout the powerhead before exiting through the exhaust system. You can flush the cooling system with fresh water using a garden hose just as you do when you winterize the outboard. 6. Now turn off motor, then turn mixer to off position so to trap Salt-Away inside the cooling system. The cooling system of my 90hp yamaha outboard motor in the upper unit is clogged with salt deposit build-up from use in salt water. The best ones include Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha. Before you flush, be sure to remove the sacrificial anode(s) screwed into your heat exchanger, and replace the anodes with new ones after the flushing. Revolutionary Performance. Most work just like your car engine. While the motor runs, it pulls harmful plastic fragments from the water, leaving it cleaner than it was before. Marine Closed "Freshwater" Cooling Systems. Flush the outboard motor with fresh water for 5 minutes. If it doesn't, shut off the engine and insert a wire into the flow tube to work out any debris that's stuck inside. The cooling system draws water directly from seacock while on-the-go. In old times, flush muffs were used to flush outboard motor cooling systems as they are cheap. Calcium buildup also may damage your engine’s water pump. I checked one thermostat and found most of the salt gone. Also for: Malta, 4ac, 4as, 5c, 5cs. H. … With the moderate velocity circulating the engine, cool off the water chane-l with fresh water. It is essential for the engine maintenance, and not doing this might lead to salt blockage. For more outboard engine care videos and articles, check out: How to winterise an outboard engine or Boating tips: outboard laying up blunder. Do manufacturer companies require a certain flushing procedure? The bolts,etc., cannot be budged. All you need to do is connect a garden hose, fit muffs on gear case and turn on the water. MACS (Marine Anti-Corrosion System) is a marine engine cleaner (introduced as an engine flush) which acts as a corrosion inhibitor and provides ongoing metal protection for all types of marine motors including outboard motors, inboard motors and jet-skis. If it does looked clogged, remove the screen if possible. many times for salt removal, from a/c units to outboards....just pull the t'stats and pour can dilute greatly for preventive flushing or use straight to dissolve salt/mineral wonders, you can leave in for awhile(10 minutes or 2 hours, won't hurt) and then rinse with hose in t'stat hole to rinse one way, then put motor on muffs and start with t'stats out and blow out that'll … Last edited: Apr 30, 2013. Star brite® Descaling Engine Flush is designed to safely and quickly remove scale, calcium deposits, corrosion, salt and carbon buildup in your engine’s cooling and wet exhaust systems. 3.9 out of 5 stars 7. In case of a flushing port, the engine should be turned off. For more information, please consult your Mercury Marine owner's manual. The outboard cooling system is the direct, raw water type. It is a high-output motor best suited for boats 18-25 foot for single installments and 25-35 foot for double installments. He writes about all aspects of boat ownership and marine travel, including destinations, seamanship and maintenance, as well as undertaking regular new boat and gear tests. You should also take the engine cowling off after every outing to check for fuel or water leaks. If water does not come out of the cooling system indicator, stop the engine and check the freshwater supply. It is ok to flush for up to 1 minute. The cooling water system of an outboard is critical to the survival of the powerhead–passages have to be kept clean and smooth by frequent flushing with fresh water. This one is just 15 months old but the vanes are already permanently distorted. Be sure to turn off the key and, if you have a battery switch, turn it off. 9. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Try the Sierra / Sonar Engine Finder Tool … Large engines are to be cleaned with the factory wash and a garden hose, without the engine turned on. ELECTRIC OUTBOARD SYSTEM. Outboard engine troubleshooting is an handy skill. Use the fresh water cleaning the outboard motor. He currently sails around 5,000 miles per year and in the past couple of seasons has cruised from the UK to the Azores, as well as winning his class in the 2014 two-handed Round Britain and Ireland Race. Instead of a radiator you have the river, lake, ocean etc. Disconnect clear hose from flushing attachment and connect garden hose. Generally speaking, there are three methods to flush an outboard: using a flush bag, flush muffs or the freshwater flushing attachment built into the outboard. Outboard Motor Descaling Instructions Restore Factory Operating Temperatures. I … Impellers take a set when unused and can shed vanes fast when you operate the outboard after an extended period of storage. However there are certain aspects to be careful about e.g. Outboards are raw water cooled and draw water directly from their environment to cool down. IS A PARTICIPANT IN THE AMAZON SERVICES LLC ASSOCIATES PROGRAM, AN AFFILIATE ADVERTISING PROGRAM DESIGNED TO PROVIDE A MEANS FOR SITES TO EARN ADVERTISING FEES BY ADVERTISING. Failure to do so can allow corrosion to take hold in your motor’s water passages, compromising your cooling system and shortening the life of your engine. 9. An outboard motor is a propulsion system for boats, consisting of a self-contained unit that includes engine, gearbox and propeller or jet drive, designed to be affixed to the outside of the transom.They are the most common motorized method of propelling small watercraft. All rights reserved. Flushing for more than 1 minute is unnecessary, and the product is being wasted. That’s why flushing your engine with fresh, clean water for 15 minutes after each trip is a vital part of preventing even dry corrosion. Middle sized engine require only the factory wash, which is conducted through the port located on the lower left side of the gear case. The device Suzuki’s engineers came up with is very simple, but also innovative in that it filters this water and collects any debris and plastic particles before the water is returned to the ocean. Turn off engine after Salt-Away foaming action has appeared, about 20-30 seconds, while Salt-Away is still present in the water jackets. Run engine with Salt-Away flushing through the cooling system. Allow the engine to run at idle for at least 5 After 1-2 minutes, close gate valve and shut engine off. Lubricate controls with a silicone spray lubricant. Bulkbuy 4 Stroke Air-Cooled Loncin Engine 6.5HP Outboard Motor / Outboard Engine /Boat Engine price comparison, get China 4 Stroke Air-Cooled Loncin Engine 6.5HP Outboard Motor / Outboard Engine /Boat Engine price comparison from Outboard Motor, Outboard Engine manufacturers & suppliers on Video Channel of . Sliding the water pump up the driveshaft will reveal the impeller. Tightening torque for engine. Gently … Outboard engine cooling systems can be the root cause of many issues, and it's key to fix outboard engine problems before they cause serious damage. 【Using 2 Stroke Power, 6HP】Water Cooling Technology To Improve The Reliability Of The … Thoroughly clean and flush the outboard motor with fresh water after operating in dirty water or salt water. Your motor is now flushed. Once the clog is out flush with fresh water for at least 20 min. Monitor the cooling system indicator. We will mention the methods used to flush the best outboard motors. b. Announcements: After in the sea water or turbid water cruising. This is the easiest process and requires no extra hard work. They are soft sided and are supported by frameworks. 1 x 2 Stroke 3.5HP Heavy Duty Outboard Motor bo-at Engine KiT. Open gate valve and turn engine on to allow more flushing mixture to flow through system. The motor shouldn't be allowed to keep overheating, because permanent damage can occur. Most of the smaller motors have an optional flushing attachment that enables the process of flushing through a port located near the gear case. Flushing Port: Engine should not be running; it can be tilted or vertical. This maintains the flow of cooling water to the engine … POWER. Most boaters know it’s imperative to flush an outboard with freshwater after boating in saltwater or brackish water. There are a large number of companies manufacturing outboard cooling systems. However for proper drainage, the engine should be brought back to the original position. Second is the flush muff method. If your outboard has more than one set of cooling inlets, a flush bag should be used. Suzuki guides people to either use flush muffs or the built in ports. View and Download Yamaha 2B owner's manual online. Evoy’s electric outboard motor system has gained great international attention after it is announcement in March. I advise that ANY motor which has been idle for more than 1 year have a VISUAL check of the pump. Effective. Check for leaks. Drain the detergent solution and flush with tap water again until it runs clean. Only cool water needs to be provided for effective flushing. A couple of products I’ve used are Seaflush and Forté cooling system flush. Flushing your outboard motor when you've been boating on saltwater is an incredibly important part of routine engine maintenance.Not doing this is a recipe for disaster, as a buildup of salt can block the cooling system, leading to possible overheating and it will eventually corrode your engine … like in the below video, but just use vinegar to flush it. Water cooled and thermostatically controlled cooling system for consistent engine temperature; Digital CD ignition system for easier starting, quicker throttle response and smoother trolling; Forward-neutral shifting with 360° steering; Easy to check oil level gauge indicator located on … In normal operation the two main valves are open, allowing cooling water to flow from the raw water pickup to the engine, while the flush water inlet valve is closed. 8. All you need to do is connect a garden hose, fit muffs on gear case and turn on the water. Safe. Moreover there should be no propeller available at the time of installing, and the engine should be on the neutral mode. Suzuki came up with an innovative, simple filter that removes microplastics using an outboard engine’s cooling system. The Honda flushing procedure differs from size to size and model to model. 2B outboard motor pdf manual download. But some parts require a different approach. Under certain conditions, the engine will cut-out to prevent damage. The first order of business is coolant, one of those things that an outboard owner doesn’t have to mess with. Then dispose of flushing water and repeat the clean water flush process again for a further 5 minutes. Just to make sure that all the … Yamaha allows the usage of all three methods without any restrictions. While a fuel system problem may make it impossible to start an the engine, outboard cooling system problems have the potential to destroy an otherwise healthy motor as overheating can lead to a blown cylinder head gasket, or even complete seizure of the engine. Be sure the engine is receiving cooling water (by checking the overboard indicator). The Pure Watercraft electric outboard motor is more than just an outboard, it is a fully integrated, revolutionary propulsion system that delivers clean, quiet electric power, equivalent to 50HP, without sacrificing performance. Generally outboard engine cooling system problems stem from a lack of basic maintenance – the impeller should be changed annually and engines used in salt water should be regularly flushed through with fresh water to ensure corrosion and scaling is kept to a minimum. CFS – Clean Flush Soak is a range of Australian made products for Cleaning, Flushing and Soaking parts and systems for the removal of lime, rust, calcium, mineral deposits, uric scale, clogs, blockages and much more. In modern times, there are several easy ways to conduct this flushing, as listed below:-. Don’t be complacent about replacing the outboard's impeller. The hole that gives access to the clamp that holds the gear linkages together. Most outboards employ open cooling systems, meaning sea water or lake water is pumped into and circulates through the engine to cool internal components. Lubrication System Engine oil mixed gasoline. Outboard engines pull water in and use the water to keep the motor cool. Outboard engine repairs: starting, fuel, shear pins, Solve your outboard motor problems: starting, fuel, shear pins, How to winterise a four-stroke outboard: video. Be sure the engine is receiving cooling water (by checking the overboard indicator). Bag and Muffs: Engine should be vertical, run no more than 800-900 rpm in neutral for 15 minutes with the prop removed. It helps the cooling system run at maximum efficiency by keeping the cooling water passages clean and clear, which helps minimize the heat inside the engine, making it less susceptible to dry corrosion. Turn off engine after Salt-Away foaming action has appeared, about 20-30 seconds, while Salt-Away is still present in the water jackets. The impeller, the device used to pressure the water into the bottom of the powerhead, is a … Mercruiser Schematic Part Diagrams Mark . Watch this video, by Barry Stokes - host of Fox Sports Outdoors, as he provides step-by-step instructions to properly flush your Mercury FourStroke engine. The engine should be placed vertically, and should be running on a neutral pace. 3.9 out of 5 stars 90. You can't always flush your motor before leaving the boat landing, but you can always flush it in your driveway. Reliable and long-range electric outboards for recreational light-duty boats and sailboats. Turn on water supply and start engine. 7. d. Re-install thermostat and impeller. It is ok to flush for up to 1 minute. The only characteristics to be careful about are that you should strictly follow the user manual and the connection should not be cross-threaded.

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