where to go after balamb ff8

This guide will cover the main quest-line chronologically, giving advice on leveling (and how to avoid it), where to find the best spells, how to acquire all GFs and defeat all bosses. So be it. After you destroy the shell the actual fight will begin. 3rd Issue of Timber Maniacs. After the battle talk to the SeeD member to receive a free Remedy and then head back to the front of Balamb Garden. Through the door at the bottom of the ladder you will find a wheel at the front of the room that you can turn. He’s somewhat weak to poison, if you want to trivialize an already easy battle. (1 of 3) Steal a Megalixir from Fujin once Raijin is gone. Now you have to keep the Left and Right Pods from turning red while slowly beating down Norg. If you didn't bring Zell with you, he'll force his way into the party once you enter. Return back to Zell’s house and enter his room to finally gain access to the most holy of places in Dincht-dom. They have approximately 20,000 hit points and hit fairly hard. Cid will send you after Ellone, who can be found hiding in the library. We junction this GF to the Shiva/Siren/Diablos user for the sheer fact that boosting the Speed stat of a character with Hit-J will make hunting Cactuars easier in the near future. While she usually sticks to her Zan attack (after Pandemona is drawn - do be sure to do that), Fujin will also start using her Sai attack when injured, which will reduce a character to 1 HP. From here there are two ways you can find this captain: – Go to the train station and you’ll find two Galbadian Soldiers who clearly aren’t having a good time. After the fight some chatter will ensue, following which you’ll find yourself on the bridge of Balamb Garden. You press Square as fast as you can to turn it. These two enemies count as bosses (as evidenced by the music), but they are not particularly tough. Save at the save point and then pull the lever just off to the right of it to open the doorway at the end of the walkway. Follow the students and faculty member into the Training Facility and choose to help them out when presented with that option. Two of them will give you information (who cares) but one will give you a free [X-Potion]. Just remember that they are susceptible to Sleep magic. Head out and skip past the Training Facility for now. Information on all characters, including stats and how to acquire all their weapons and limits. You’ll be thrown into battle against a T-Rexaur. Follow the exploits of Squall, a resident of Balamb Garden and SeeD aspirant whose first contract as a professional mercenary expands into a fight to save the world from an evil sorceress. Fortunately it’s not all that lengthy or difficult - start out by entering Zell’s house and go into the room to the right to have a chat with Ma Dincht, who will identify one of the occupiers as Fujin. Like Raijin she’s weak to poison, but she absorbs wind, which shouldn’t be surprising in the slightest. It’s just you and Rinoa once again. Crawl down the ladder and give the wheel at the control panel another couple of turns to get things rolling. Just like the escape pod crash site in late disc 3 and in disc 4. He can also use Hi-Potions, healing himself for 1,000 HP, but he’ll do so sparingly, typically after being injured to a certain extent. Released in 1999, it is the eighth main installment in the Final Fantasy series. There are several types of magazine you can collect in Final Fantasy VIII, and Occult Fan is probably the most important of all of them. You’ve got a 90% chance of getting the first item and a 10% chance of the second, and while the Hero is definitely a better prize, it’s probably not worth save/loading for. Back in Balamb. After the events at Esthar, the player can still find Balamb Garden on Fishermans Horizon and use it if they wish, but acquiring Ragnarokmakes u… Still, if he’s putting up anything resembling a threat you can draw Protect from him and Cure from his Galbadian Soldier allies. They do moderate damage but nothing all that devastating. After that he will give you access down to the lower floors (MD Level). Meet her up near the elevator and follow her up. Head back up the elevator and make your way to the Infirmary. Make your way down the walkway to initiate a fight with two Oilboyles. It’s really hard to do with just Squall, but afterwards one of your team members will join you making it much easier. Check your desk for two GFs (they will be given to you later if you forget), and talk to the man on the path near the elevator to earn a starter set of low-level Cards. Either way, you’ll win a copy of Combat King 002, which will teach Zell the Meteor Strike limit ability. You'll begin the game in Balamb Garden.You're free to explore, but there isn't much you actually have to do here early on. You know, just in case you need the convenience while in Balamb. Return to Balamb Garden Final Fantasy VIII ... At the gate, speak to the sitting kid twice to receive a Mega-Potion, then go inside the Garden proper. Don’t miss it! Nasty stuff. Quistis will ask to go over various things when you get there, like Gunblade usage and Magic Junctioning. Make your way through the hall and down the ladder. If you step onto a certain tile in a certain Trabian Forest, you get to visit the Galbadian Garden crash site. However, in Disk 2, at the Balamb Garden, once I get on the MD elevator, if I get Squall to go to the control panel after talking to the other party members, nothing will happen. If you're confused exactly by how this quest works don't worry, I go into more detail below. He’ll only perform simple melee attacks which, at a low level, were dealing around 100~ damage per hit. Talk to the two SeeD members standing in the parking lot for a free [Tent]. Start by heading left to the infirmary and help the students you encounter along the way. Raijin is very basic in this fight. You can now take Selphie with you when you explore, which is another perk of lifting Balamb’s occupation early. Examine the buttons on the wall, and then examine the square panel on the ground to begin your descent. You’ll be treated to a bit of chatter between Zell and whomever your third party member is, but mostly you can use this room to rest up and save your game at a nearby Save Point. Do so and you’ll find the captain. Talk to this cynophilist and he’ll tell you the captain was fishing here recently, and went off to cook the catch. The pub will only be open to visit after the Dollet exam. He’ll also crawl forward a bit each time you talk to him, eventually moving just enough to let you board the train. Defeat Raijin and his goons, then enter the hotel to meet the commander… who can only be Fujin. As you and Rinoa leave Squalls room for the second time there will be an announcement as you leave the dormitory. It’s all talk from here. He’s also reasonably susceptible to darkness and slow, if you want to take advantage of that to limit his offense. After the battle talk to the SeeD member to receive a free Remedy and then head back to the front of Balamb Garden. Now go back a little ways and you’ll be told to meet up with Headmaster Cid once again. By following this guide you can aspire to the following: By continuing you confirm you have read and agree to our Terms of Service and Privacy/Cookie Policy.

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