ebay fake listing

I will post up here if it arrives and what the item is like. Items that bear a company's official brand name or logo can be listed, as long as the products were lawfully made by, for, or with the consent of that company. Since eBay protects buyers the hacker is really scamming eBay. I know, had to explain to one of guys on FB that it is constantly happening as he was enquiring about a classic Mustang & ebay actually contacted him to say it was a fake (listing … You can actually upload pictures to Google with the Google Image Search. As well that person runs a bot on ebay listing who list those items as well. THanks again!!!! For instance, this user has a Roku player listed for $11, which normally sells for over $70 even used. Visit Seller Help to find details of any policy issues with your account or listings, and get the information you need to quickly resolve them. I wait 30 days and then I report eBay! Go to the listing and choose Report item, which you'll find next to the description and shipping and payment options. eBay scam 2: The fake PayPal account How it works: Selling an item, you receive the customary email notification from PayPal that your buyer has paid, and duly mail them the goods. How do you just buy something you don't need? Short duration listings: Fraudulent sellers often want to close a deal quickly. These days, eBay manages more than 1 billion listings from more than 20 million sellers around the world. Here is how it works: Give support, share information, and connect with fellow members. 95% of the yeezy listings on eBay are fake Wow just a grain of thought, went on ebay to just check out some yeezys, and 95% of them are fake, every single fucking one of them. why to wait for at least 27 days to receive my money back where there is nowere any misbehaviour from my side (7 after purchase to open a case and 20 days for refund from Paypal)? We may have to remove a listing if it violates our policies or if the rights owner asks us to. ! With PS5 stock still in short supply, eBay has issued a warning to PS5 scammers who are putting up misleading listings on the popular auction site. Scammers will often try to get you to click a link to a fake eBay or PayPal login page, where they try to phish your login information. Because 90% of items in there! Last Edited 05:10:44 PM by kh-gary. Share best practices, tips, and insights. This template generator is fully customizable, simple select through the different template sections and change the text and style to create your eBay listing. Something about this really stinks. Some buyers on eBay may set up a fake PayPal account or have a fake … A person who puts up a fake listing doesn’t really have the item of course. The legit owner of the account must be high volume to not notice they have items listed that they do not own. If you relist or do a Sell Similar on an item with watchers, those watchers will get a heads-up notification from eBay that you have done so. I have had a similar case for a listing of a smartphone quite cheap for its real value that immediately after i paid for it through PayPal i received a cancelation notice by the seller that seemed to have a positive feedback on ebay. i have opened cases , talked to e bay and paypal , i feel confident that i will eventually get my money back , but i want to know , if you pay for it and e bay immediatley closes the item or cancells it , sire i'm not the first one to fall for it. Also, never send an item until the buyer has paid. why on the predefined options related with reporting an issue on ebay does not exists such option since seems to be often and repeated? why not to be protected by ebay and conclude immediately with full refund since order was placed and cancled through ebay. Christmas before last we tried to purchase the limited edition Star Wars game set and the seller seemed to be ok, but in the end was a total fake. So my point is you get what you paid for.. why not buy a phone off a american for 500 it works,you spend a few extra but your paying for less hassel, an if theirs a problem its a lot less to return it. T. trapper48 OP trapper trapper48 OP trapper. Real low. I think I'm one of the naive who cheated! Literally all ebay listings got removed by ebay "counterfeit".

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